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V6 machining center

Lathe specificationsV6 machining center1Number of magazines24把2Maximum spindle speed12000rpm3X-axis travel600mm4Z-axis travel500mm5Y-axis travel600mm6X, Z, Y axis fast moving speed48m/min7Repeatability0.005mm8Precision±0.01mmV6 machini……
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Lathe specifications
V6 machining center
1 Number of magazines 24把
2 Maximum spindle speed 12000rpm
3 X-axis travel 600mm
4 Z-axis travel 500mm
5 Y-axis travel 600mm
6 X, Z, Y axis fast moving speed 48m/min
7 Repeatability 0.005mm
8 Precision ±0.01mm

V6 machining center configuration
1 Control System Mitsubishi , Syntec
2 X, Z, Y screw PMI、THK
3 Spindle ROYAL
4 Guide Rexroth
5 Tool magazine Sanjet

Tips: Machine technology continues to improve, the company has the final interpretation of all technical parameters.

  • V6 machining center