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CK46X/XDYA turret turning and milling composite precision CNC lathe

Lathe specificationsCK46X/XDYA turret turning and milling composite precision CNC lathe1Machine structureSlant bed2Tool formHydraulic servo turret3Number of tools84Tool specification20mm5Power head structureOverall structural gear drive6Powe……
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Lathe specifications
CK46X/XDYA turret turning and milling composite precision CNC lathe
1 Machine structure Slant bed
2 Tool form Hydraulic servo turret
3 Number of tools 8
4 Tool specification 20mm
5 Power head structure Overall structural gear drive
6 Power head specifications ER20
7 Number of power heads 4+4+4(End face drilling)
8 Power head speed 24000rpm
9 Spindle specification A2-5
10 Spindle structure Sleeve type
11 Spindle through hole diameter ¢56mm
12 Spindle motor power 7.5KWServo
13 Maximum spindle speed 6000rpm
14 Skateboard to the center of the spindle 100mm
15 Workpiece clamping method Oil pressure
16 Chuck specification 6-inch hydraulic chuck
17 Maximum clamping diameter ¢160mm
18 Machine tool maximum turning diameter ¢250mm
19 Maximum processing bar diameter ¢45mm
20 Maximum processing length 150mm
21 X-axis travel 800mm
22 Z-axis travel 250mm
23 Y-axis travel 150mm
24 X, Z axis fast moving speed 24m/min
25 Repeatability 0.005mm
26 Precision ±0.005mm
27 Feed motor power 1.8KWServo
28 Hydraulic assembly motor power 1.5KW
29 Total power of the power supply 12KW
30 Feeding method Oil bath
31 Lubrication method automatic
32 Physical dimension 2050*1700*1850mm(Length * width * height)
33 Machine weight 2800KG

CK46X/XDYA Machine standard configuration
1 Control System Mitsubishi M3 communication
2 Feed servo YASKAW M3 communication
3 Precision ball screw PMI、HIWIN
4 Precision rail HIWIN Rexorth
5 Power turret LIO SHING
6 Spindle Taiwan Pusen、ROYAL
7 Spindle drive YASKAW

CK46X/XDYA machine features:
1.the machine adopts 30° integral slant bed structure, novel structure, power head and Y-axis adopt heavy cutting structure, precision grinding gear, low noise, high speed and long service life, with eight-station hydraulic service turret , the perfect realization of the turning and milling composite function.
2.the servo spindle of this machine adopts double feedback encoder, the indexing precision can reach 0.001 degree, which can effectively improve the positioning accuracy of turning and milling, and cooperate with 4+4 gear type power head, Y axis and eight station servo turret. It can perform high-precision and complex parts processing, such as side, face milling, drilling, tapping, face milling and other interpolation processing, improve product positioning and machining accuracy, save investment in secondary processing equipment, is a cost-effective Very ideal for turning and milling composite CNC lathes.
3. The main shaft adopts the sleeve main shaft with standard inner cone structure, hydraulic chuck and spring collet. It can be directly installed without the need of transition flange. It can quickly change the chuck and external hydraulic brake, so the milling process is not Vibration, effectively improve the roughness of the workpiece.
4. The spindle adopts maintenance-free structure and uses precise high-speed angular contact bearings. The maximum speed can reach 6000 rpm, which can effectively perform high-speed cutting and improve the surface roughness of the machined workpiece.
5. The machine tool adopts imported precision high-speed silent screw and uses the unique pre-tensioning fixed structure to effectively improve the rigidity of the machine tool and eliminate the precision change caused by the cold and heat changes caused by the machine operation.
Sixth, the x-axis guide rail adopts German linear guide rail, which has the advantages of good rigidity, high precision, long service life and easy maintenance.
7. The screw guide rail adopts liquid automatic lubrication method to effectively protect important parts and prolong their service life.
8.the use of imported control system, and with the Japanese Yaskawa ultra-precision servo (24-bit encoder), the machine processing accuracy and processing speed has been effectively improved.
9. This machine tool is suitable for the processing of precision parts such as aviation equipment, optoelectronics, automobile, sanitary ware and military.

Tips: Machine technology continues to improve, the company has the final interpretation of all technical parameters.

  • CK46X/XDYA turret turning and milling composite precision CNC lathe