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Zhongshan Yuanyi CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.!

19 years of development experience,to create military quality.

Yuanyi strives to be the technical leader in the CNC lathe industry, and builds the leading brand of CNC machine tools and special machine tools in China.






  • First,integrity casts the future

    1. Do not hidefraud

    2. Not fake and fake

    3. Don't falsify

    4. Not opportunistic

    Losing integrity is tantamount to destroying yourself. - Shakespeare

  • Second, focus on the quality of achievement

    1. Be practical and do things seriously

    2. The power is fine, the mathematics is thick

    3. Quality-oriented, refusing to exaggerate

    4. Survive by credibility and develop by quality.

    Focusing, loving, and concentrating on what you expect will be rewarding. - Emerson

  • Third, enterprising beyond self

    1. Not slack, not proud, not shrinking, not afraid

    2. More summaries, more discussions, more incentives, more experience

  • Fourth, service creates value

    1. Focus on the customer, understand the customer's needs and create value for the customer.

    2. Free training, practical training.

    3. Quickly reflect and solve problems in a timely manner.

    4. Improve after-sales and continue to follow up.

    There are customers behind the customer, and the beginning of the service is the beginning of sales. - Anonymous