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Zhongshan Yuanyi CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.!

Zhongshan Yuanyi CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.!

19 years of development experience,to create military quality.

Yuanyi strives to be the technical leader in the CNC lathe industry, and builds the leading brand of CNC machine tools and special machine tools in China.






Zhongshan Yuanyi CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.!

Founded in 2003, Zhongshan Yuanyi CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, which is the most economically developed in the Pearl River Delta. The company relies on its unique geographical environment and years of rich experience in the production of CNC machinery, combined with the people-oriented production management model, the concept of sincere communication and cooperation with customers, so that the products continue to innovate, win the favor and trust of our customers!

The company has a group of elite CNC technology elites, and constantly adhere to the times of the pulse of product development technology team, sales team, and strive to build a credibility, quality assurance of sales and after-sales service system, with quick pre-sales consultation, After-sales service returns customers. After years of repeated practice and scrutiny of feedback from customers, as well as absorbing and learning the production process and technology of imported CNC machine tools, the first use of screw pre-tensioning structure in the industry has completely solved the low precision and cold processing of domestic machine tools. Hot machine tool processing defects such as large dimensional errors. It is a car-milling composite CNC lathe product that has been recognized by our customers. In addition to selling the Pearl River Delta, the products are also sold to Dalian, Xi'an, Hunan, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions.

The company manufactures a variety of CNC lathe products with efficiency, high precision and good stability, such as: turret turning and milling composite CK46X/XDY, CK46X/XYD, CK46X/XDYA, CK46X/DMY; turret CNC lathe CK46X/ D, CK52X/D, CK46X/DM, CK52X/DM; Multi-cutting turn-milling compound CK46X/S; knives and milling composite CK46X/X, CK46X/S, CK46X/XY; boring ramp CNC lathe CK36X, CK46X , CK46X/XZ, CK52X, CK65X and other series of CNC lathes.

The company has newly developed and produced V6 machining center and VCM850 machining center since 2014. These two machining centers are CNC machining parts centers specially designed for efficiency production requirements. Their powerful drive, heavy load structure and good steel guarantee. The accuracy of its contact, good production efficiency and good performance all year round.

The company has been pursuing the business philosophy of "mutual trust and win-win, customer-oriented", adhere to the "quality first, customer first" business policy, customer satisfaction as the criteria, has established an excellent after-sales service team, our services Spiritual integrity, quality, service, dedication. The trust and support of our customers is the source of our confidence and motivation! Our company has continuously developed new products with more functions and more stability, and will definitely be 'excellent and better!' We will seize the opportunity with you. Go hand in hand to create a better tomorrow.