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CNC lathe turret is good or row of knives?

Release time:2020-07-17


[1] The turret is generally more suitable for making larger workpieces, but for small parts there is no speed for arranging the knives. It is more suitable to make small pieces of the knife. Doing a big piece can't be done at all. And the price of the turret is generally much more expensive than the knives.

[2] Numerical control: Numerical control is the abbreviation of digital control, which refers to a method of controlling mechanical movement and machining process by using digital information. There are two versions of CNC, NC (Numerical Control): represents the old version of the starting CNC technology. CNC (Computerized Numerical Control): Computer numerical control technology, the preferred abbreviation of CNC. After the 1970s, computers gradually replaced hardware circuit components and were called computer numerical control systems. Generally, they used a special computer and equipped with interface circuits to control the operation of multiple numerical control devices. Therefore, the current numerical control generally refers to CNC (computer numerical control)
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